SkyWorks ​
         Aerial Media
Aerial photography ~ videography and production 
SkyWorks Aerial Media  are based near Dumfries in South West Scotland and offer aerial photography, videography and data collection services to all types of businesses and organisations across the country.
All our work is carried out by fully trained pilots who have Pfco (permission for commercial operation) and full liability insurance.

What we can do for you

We offer a full range of services including UAV inspections and surveys,  raw video footage and photography through to fully edited cinematic movie style footage perfect to promote your business or maybe that special day or event.

We can capture exciting aerial wedding footage which can then be passed to the main wedding videographer and used to add some special shots to the final product.   

Planning & Regulation

Each job we carry out requires planning and in some cases a pre-flight visit to the location to ascertain if it will be possible to fly, although in most cases this can be carried out online using a post code to check if any flight restrictions are in place.
We are allowed to operate at altitudes up to 400ft keeping a visual line of sight with the uav.
Permissions from land owners are required for take off and landings.
Under CAA regulation we are not allowed to fly directly over people, roads or buildings that are not under our control.
Our greatest challenge would have to be the Great British weather! so if we need to cancel any scheduled works due to adverse weather we will rearrange to a more suitable day at no extra cost.

Our amazing Dji Inspire 1 at work

The Inspire 1 delivers to a very high standard using the very latest technology. Flight times are around 18 minutes between battery changes allowing enough time to capture those all important shots. The stabilised camera is capable of capturing 12 megapixel raw stills and shooting beautiful 4K video. A live hd video feed is transferred from the uav to the pilot on the ground allowing the client to see exactly what footage they want to capture.